Tips for Winter Storage

It is important to prepare your motorhome for the winter months as damage can quickly happen to an unprepared vehicle.

Before the frost arrives, make sure all of the following compartments are emptied in the motorhome:

  • Boiler
  • Fresh and Waste water tanks,
  • Open bathroom and kitchen taps to drain off any water in the lines/ pipes.


  • Remove cushions and curtains. Clean out the fridge and keep it slightly opened to allow air to circulate.
  • Wipe down all surfaces to prevent mildew or mold.


  • If it is not possible to store your Motorhome inside, make sure to cover the external windscreen. All screen covers can be purchased from our accessories departments.


  • We recommend to use Propane Gas instead of Butane Gas as Propane freezes at much lower temperatures.


  • When you are parking your Motorhome for a period of time, we recommend parking on a slope or on chocs/levelers.
  • We would also advise to move your Motorhome regularly to avoid water lodging in certain areas of the roof etc.

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