Motorhome of the Year 2016: Rapido 650FF

At the 2016 National Motorhome Awards, Rapido 650FF won Motorhome of the Year 2016 Fixed Bed.

It has a spacious interior in a motorhome that comes in at not much over six-and-a-half metres long.

  • An L-shaped kitchen includes a hob with burners, three-in-line that helps make space for some worktop, plus big drawer storage.
  • It consists of one of the latest tall-and-slim fridges, and a compact oven.
  • The lounge is best described as cosy, but five sit around comfortably.
  • To the rear, the shower and bench-type toilet are enclosed in a room that offers yet more storage for cosmetics.
  • There’s no full-blown garage here, but a large locker is externally accessed and plenty big enough for all, but full-sized bikes.
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