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Rapido 696F 2018



The Rapido 696F motorhome offers luxury and comfort on the go, featuring a spacious layout, high-quality finishes, and modern amenities. Ideal for adventurers and leisure seekers alike, it provides a seamless travel experience for four, Island bed and drop-down double.


Make & Model

Rapido 696F 2018

​Year of Reg



Island Bed, Drop Down Bed


4/5 Berth


2.3Ltr Fiat Ducato, 150BHP, Auto

Travel Belts

4 Belts


25,000 Miles


B Licence <3.5T


7.5 m L, 2.35m W, 2.9m H

Drivers Side

Right Hand Drive


12 Month Warranty

Adria Coral A660 SP 2007


Bike Rack, Large Garage, External BBQ Point, Three Ring Hob, Automatic, Large Fridge/ Freezer, Reversing Camera, Alloy Wheels


The Rapido 696F is a premium class motorhome that combines luxury, comfort, and versatility in a sleek design. Ideal for both adventurous explorers and those seeking a mobile haven of relaxation, this model features an innovative layout with a spacious living area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a luxurious bedroom with a fixed bed. The 696F stands out for its high-quality finishes and materials, ensuring durability and a touch of elegance throughout. With its efficient use of space, the motorhome includes ample storage solutions, making it perfect for long journeys. Advanced technological features, such as a state-of-the-art entertainment system and climate control, ensure a comfortable living environment regardless of the destination. The Rapido 696F is not just a motorhome; it's a mobile luxury experience designed to make every trip unforgettable.

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