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A Super Service

Lots of people have been in and out of Cara since we came back in January which is great to see!! Everyone has the same idea, get it in, serviced and out again ready for the season ahead. Hopefully we will have less issues travelling abroad this year as the majority of our customers would be regular travelers to France, Spain etc. However, being stuck in Ireland isn’t a bad thing. We have a beautiful country with lots to see and explore, weather permitting of course.

So what have the lads inside been up to? Well, not surprisingly, we have had a lot of sale vehicles to get through. Lots of people new to the motorhome scene and raring to get going. It’s so exciting to see people pick up a motorhome for the first time and drive out the gate smiling and ready for new adventures!! People like…..

The Moore's who collected their Sunlight motorhome in the second week of January and our 1st couple of the year to collect a motorhome. They have plenty of plans ahead for the new year with the new found freedom of a motorhome and couldn’t wait to get out and get going. The smiles on their faces said it all and we were only delighted to see them heading off after all the lads hard work to get it prepped for their arrival.


They have also done some fantastic jobs on customer's vehicles. For example, this customer came into us looking to get a winch ramp fitted in the garage of his motorhome in order to get better access to his scooter.

As you can see the lads did a fantastic job and the customer was very happy with the result!! Every day is a new day, you never know what job is coming in next. No job is too big or too small for our lads in servicing and the reviews have been nothing but amazing!!

But our guys in servicing don’t just work on vehicles. Oh no! These are men of many talents. They have also been working very hard to spruce up the Cara premises aswell. A new year brings new ideas and our boys are a very creative bunch.

One example of this creative thinking came from Mike, one of our technicians. He thought it would be a great idea to have lights on our Fiat Professional sign so it would light up at night. The rest of the lads jumped on board with this idea and they got stuck in. I think we can all agree they did a fantastic job.

We are so happy with the new premises and we love nothing more than to see people coming in and their reaction is “wow this place is beautiful”. All the hard work has clearly paid off and it’s great to hear the comments and see the reviews people have put up about us, our staff and our place of business!! Lots more to come for the year ahead and we can’t wait to share it with you all!! You never know what’s going to come in those doors next, February is sure to be another exciting month.

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