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Lindsey & Klayton's First Trip Around Ireland In A Sunlight Cliff 600 Campervan!! :)

Meet Lindsey and Klayton :)

A lovely couple from Canada recently embarked on a holiday adventure in Ireland with one of our McRent campervans. They chose to explore the stunning Irish countryside at their own pace with one of our stunning Sunlight Cliff 600 campervans, which allowed them to experience the unique beauty of the area in a truly personal way.

They had such a great time on their trip they logged and blogged their way through Ireland!! We were fortunate to share the experience with them!!

Here's how they got on...

Their trip took them to some of the most scenic areas of southern Ireland, including south Cork and Kerry, which are popular destinations for tourists due to their breathtaking landscapes and stunning views. The convenience of having their campervan allowed them to visit quaint villages, stunning beaches, and beautiful national parks without the hassle of having to book accommodations and arrange transportation to and from various locations.

A highlight of their trip was their visit to Kinsale in County Cork. The town is known for its colorful buildings and picturesque harbor, making it a perfect place for Lindsey and Klayton to spend a relaxing few days exploring. They wandered through the narrow streets and alleyways, admiring the unique architecture and stopping in at local shops and cafes. We were fortunate enough to receive a few snaps of their trip along the way, which truly captured the beauty of their experience. Almost felt like we were travelling along with them!!

Another must-see destination on their trip was the Ring of Kerry. As you all know its popular for its very scenic drive that takes visitors through some of the most stunning landscapes in Ireland. With their Sunlight Cliff campervan, Lindsey and Klayton were able to take their time on the route, stopping where ever and whenever they wanted to take in the stunning views and snap a few photos. They were also able to stay overnight at one of the many well-facilitated campsites available along the way, which can all be found on the website. Waking up to the sound of birds and the smell of the fresh Irish air in the morning is a great way to start any day!! The favorable weather conditions allowed them to explore the landscape on foot as well which really added to their experience.

Apart from the natural beauty of the land, in general, Lindsey and Klayton were very impressed by the warmth and friendliness of the Irish people they met on their journey. We, as a motorhome rental company, take pride in the hospitality that our country has to offer. The locals in the small towns and fellow travelers they met at the campsites were welcoming and eager to share their love for Ireland. We are delighted to hear that everyone was so accommodating towards our guests on their voyage across Ireland. Lindsey and Klayton even stopped off at one of the local gift shops and picked up a few souvenirs, including a paddy cap that looked great on Klayton, who fit right in!

Overall, Lindsey and Klayton's trip to Ireland in the Sunlight Cliff campervan was an unforgettable experience and a great success. They were able to immerse themselves into the local culture and explore the countryside in a unique way. As they continue their trip we are sure they will always cherish the memories of their Irish adventure and the freedom and flexibility that their campervan allowed them along the way. In our opinion, there is no better way to travel and explore our beautiful country.

"We can’t say enough good things about our experience in Ireland and also we can’t get over how much we enjoyed the van itself. So well designed and comfortable to ride, relax, sleep and Klayton would say drive!

The assistance and warmth from Cara Motorhomes was fantastic and helped us feel secure with the choice to book through you as well.

All we can say is that we hope to be back on another adventure and had such a positive experience we are looking at another European destination to explore via van!


Safe travels on your journey home guys! It was fantastic to meet you, and thank you so much for sharing this unforgettable experience with all of us here in McRent Ireland. We hope to see you again soon for the next big adventure!! :)

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