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Packed for Paddy’s

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

What a month it was in March!! For the first time in 2 years we finally had our St. Patrick’s day back and we sure celebrated the return in style!! All the rental vehicles were out for the long weekend so it was a very busy day here at Cara and the weather for the long weekend was absolutely smashing so an all-round great start to the festivities. We managed to get a quick picture of some of the rental vehicles all lined up and ready to go just before they were picked up that morning and it was a truly beautiful sight :)

Our first pick-up that day was Nuala & Denis. They were looking lovely next to their motorhome for the weekend and had absolutely fabulous time touring the country for the first time ever in a rental :)

Next up was the Murphy family soaking up the sun and looking very chill next to their motorhome for the weekend. Another family we will definitely being seeing again this year for a rental again during the summer!!

Then there was Denis, he didn't waste much time with the handover he had his plans made for the weekend and knew exactly where he was going :-D Absolutely LOVED the van type it was ideal for the type of holiday he was looking for and an easy drive on the busy bank holiday roads :)

There were a few others but they were a bit camera shy however Mary and her daughter were not as you can see!! 😁 Both were delighted to be picking up their vehicle for their first ever trip away in a motorhome for the weekend and we know you guys had the most amazing time!! So great to have met you all this year and we look forward to hearing from you all again in the summer months to come!!

Our coffee machine got great use as well this month. Between people in for services, rentals and just people in general calling to inquiry about motorhomes etc, we have definitely upped the cappuccino making skills with all the practice. I must say we are quite proud of how they turned out. Make sure to stop and taste our Bewleys coffee if you are here for a service or just casually stopping off to inquiry about sales or rentals. We have a beautiful sitting area for you to stop and chill while here at Cara. Or maybe you are on your holidays and you need a few parts from our shop like toilet paper, toilet tabs, chemical etc. also a perfect excuse to stop and try our new barista skills!!

Now we all know rentals weren’t the only vehicles being picked up for the bank holiday weekend. Oh no! We had lots of our own customers in and out getting their vehicles serviced and ready for the season ahead.

Ivo, one of our technicians responsible for fitting parts such as solar panels, awnings, radios, TV’s & TV aerial’s, satellites and inverters, just to name a few :-D was very busy all month kitting out vehicles with all these new parts for people who wanted to upgrade their motorhome for the year ahead!!

Ronan, was busy promoting the Fiat. Some of you may not know but we are officially Professional dealers for Fiat so make sure to give us a ring for any and all servicing or parts required for your Fiat motorhome or commercial vehicle.

They both did a fantastic job as always and we got some great reviews and feedback from you guys, which we really appreciate thank you. Please always leave us a review either on our Facebook page or google reviews. We love to here the feedback and its nice for the boys who work so hard on vehicles all year to get a compliment or two as well ;)

That’s it for the March blog make sure to keep up to date with everything that’s going on with us here in Cara by subscribing to our newsletter on our website :)

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