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Sunlight's Available from Cara

Sunlight I69s Active Edition

Beautiful 4 Berth A-class motorhome on 3.5T chassis. Large rear island bed & over cab bed.

Sunlight Motorhomes: Adventure-Ready, Whatever the Weather

Sunlight Motorhomes are the adventurer's choice, built to withstand the elements while providing a comfortable and inviting interior, with their attractive price-performance-ratio. Whether you're heading to the mountains, seeking surf on the coast, or exploring the countryside, Sunlight motorhomes are reliable companions on any journey.

Cara Motorhomes offers a range of Sunlight models that are as ready for adventure as you are. In 2008, Cara Motorhomes brought the best of the motorhome world to Ireland by becoming the main importers and distributors of Sunlight Motorhomes.

This marked the beginning of a journey that has since introduced countless Irish adventurers to the Sunlight brand, a name that stands for durability, innovation, and unparalleled value in the motorhome industry.

Sunlight Motorhomes, designed and built with German precision, part of the Erwin Hymer Group are celebrated for their ability to offer a perfect blend of functionality and comfort, making them ideal for both seasoned explorers and those new to the motorhome lifestyle.


From compact models that make solo trips a breeze to spacious family-sized motorhomes that bring the comforts of home on the road, Sunlight has a model to suit every motorhomer's needs.

The appointment of Cara Motorhomes as the main importers and distributors of Sunlight Motorhomes in Ireland was not just a business milestone; it was a commitment to providing Irish adventurers with access to motorhomes that are built to withstand the elements while offering a cozy and inviting interior. Sunlight’s philosophy centers on creating vehicles that can be a companion to it's owners, no matter where their journey takes them, be it the rugged landscapes of the Irish countryside or the scenic routes of the European continent.


The inclusion of Sunlight Motorhomes in our McRent rental fleet at Cara Motorhomes is a testament to their exceptional durability and quality. By choosing Sunlight for our rental offerings, we underscore our confidence in these motorhomes to withstand the rigors of continuous use, across varied terrains and through all seasons, while maintaining their comfort and reliability.


Over the years, the partnership between Sunlight Motorhomes and Cara Motorhomes has flourished, fueled by a shared vision of empowering holidaymakers with the freedom to explore without limits. The Sunlight range has become a staple for Irish motorhome enthusiasts, known for its resilience, innovative features, and the promise of adventure-ready performance in any weather.


As we continue to celebrate this successful partnership, we invite you to discover the world of possibilities that Sunlight Motorhomes offer. Whether you are embarking on a solo adventure, planning a family vacation, or dreaming of a retirement filled with travel, Sunlight and Cara Motorhomes bring you closer to your next great adventure.



Sunlight Motorhomes combine German engineering with durability and comfort, ideal for adventurers. As Ireland's main distributor since 2008, Cara Motorhomes offers a variety of Sunlight models perfect for any journey. Trusted for quality, these motorhomes are also featured in our McRent fleet, ready for your next adventure. Discover the world with Sunlight and Cara Motorhomes – where every trip is an exploration.


Empowering Exploration: Cara Motorhomes envisions a future where every journey with a Sunlight Motorhome transforms into an adventure, connecting explorers with the beauty of the world. Our goal is to offer accessible, reliable, and innovative travel solutions that inspire freedom, discovery, and unforgettable experiences. Together, we're on a mission to make exploration an essential part of life for adventurers everywhere.

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