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Cara 2022 Update

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Hey guys and welcome back to Cara Motorhomes!!! We are officially opened again for 2022 and we are so glad to be back up and running!! Its sure to be a very busy but exciting season ahead and we can't wait to see all of our customers coming through our doors once again. Sales: Just a couple of things to bare in mind this year. If you want to call and look at sales vehicles please call us and arrange an appointment. Although we appreciate drop ins and customers wanting to call and have a look at not only our beautiful range of motorhomes but our new premises too, we must have a system in place this year to ensure everyone is safe so please contact us before arriving to arrange a meeting. We are extremely busy at the moment but we will try our very best to accommodate everyone. Trade-ins are beginning to move again so stock is constantly changing. Please keep an eye on the website we updated regularly. Again please give us a call if you see anything you might be interested in or if you require any further information on a particular vehicle.

Rentals: Rentals are off with a bang again this year which is great to see!! All of our rental fleet is ready to be out and about on the roads so keep an eye out for us!! Alot of first time renters sure to call again this year. Its great to see so many people taking such an interest in motor homing. Great idea for example if you are thinking of purchasing a motorhome in the future, renting one of our vehicles would be a good way of giving yourself a taste of the experience. We have had great success so far in our rentals and if the weather holds up its sure to be another great year!!

Again we will have our website updated with all available rental vehicles, dates, prices and any special offers we may have with rentals this year. The majority of our vehicles are currently being booked for the summer so if you are thinking of renting for that time of year we would advise ringing us as soon as possible or visiting and reserving our vehicle as dates are filling up fast!!

Servicing: A quick mention for our guys in the service department. We are doing our best to catch up and get vehicles ready and out for the summer again this season. If you are due a service do give us a call and we will try our best to fit you in. Again please bare with us as bookings are being taken weeks in advance. Similar to our renters you are all excited to get out and about for a couple of days so please bare with us as we get through the work.

Parts: Our parts department is experiencing difficulty in receiving delivery of parts, accessories and materials, as is the case with the majority business at the moment, but as always, we will do our best for everyone :) If you are looking for something in particular please give us a ring or send us a quick whatsapp message with details of the part required and details of your vehicle .ie. photo of the part required, chassis, make, model of the motorhome etc. We do however keep a good stock of accessories for motorhomes such as toilet paper, toilet chemical, motorhome cleaner and lots of other bits you might pick up for your motorhome on the way so make sure to make Cara your one stop shop for your motorhome :)

Conclusion: That's it for now, thanks so much for taking the time to read our Newsletter. Be sure to keep an eye on our website and social media accounts, we will keep them updated with offers, availability on rentals and of course competitions throughout the year. Some of you are sure to win some fantastic prizes. Looking forward to seeing you all once again this year. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we start to open our doors to the public once again :-) From all of us here at Cara :)

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