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Sales - What are my options?

Motorhomes are like cars. You have one for a while but never stick to the same one as circumstances change all the time. Maybe you purchased a motorhome first day to take the kids on holidays when the school term ends. But now the kids have grown up, there is no need for a 6 berth anymore when it is just the two of you so you’re looking for something a little smaller. Maybe you want to upgrade, she’s an old motorhome and you wouldn’t mind something more up to date. Maybe you have a change of heart and the interior layout no longer suits you. For whatever reason people are constantly changing vehicles. Out with the old, in with the new as they say!!

But it is always such a hassle isn’t it?! None of us want to go through the stress of the paperwork, trying to get a valuation on your motorhome against the one you want, checking out the other vehicle (if second hand) to make sure you are getting what you paid for and there are no nasty surprises down the line, the advertising, the cleaning, the servicing…its exhausting even thinking about it. Don’t you wish there was a way you could just hand over one set of keys and get another set back in return?!

Well you can. Here with us at Cara, as you all know we specialise in all things motorhomes!! So if you are thinking of trading in your vehicle or perhaps you wish to sell your vehicle, think of us when you do as there are different options available. We'd be happy to take the weight off and help where we can.

Trade in Vehicle:

Let me tell you how it all works – Take a look at this vehicle for example:

This is a prime example. Funnily enough this particular motorhome was purchased here from us in 2004.

So we knew straight away the vehicle was in good condition. The customer absolutely loved this motorhome and they got great use out of it but it was time for a change and he was looking for a bit of an upgrade.

Naturally we were only happy to help! He had previously been into our showroom to look at the sale vehicles we had in stock and one in particular caught his eye. He purchased a newer model that suited his requirements, along with the trade-in value of his own vehicle, and his job from there was essentially done.

From there we prepped his new vehicle for collection. It was cleaned, serviced and he had a couple of extras he wanted fitted as well, like an awning, bike rack etc.We gave him a collection date for his new vehicle and it really was as simple as that. He couldn’t have been happier getting a new set of keys into his hand a few weeks later.

At the same time, while all this was going on, we had also been prepping his trade-in vehicle for sale. It had to go through the workshop for its general checks and maintenance/servicing. Then the interior and exterior was valeted and the motorhome was ready for its photoshoot!! Photos were taken and the vehicle was up within 24hours of being traded in. It was in great condition for its year to be fair, it was well looked after down through the years and it didn’t take long to sell.

Other Sale Options Available

Then the other options include Selling your motorhome to us or perhaps We sell it on your behalf. No fuss, no hassle, no stress we will look after the sale from start to finish. We will prepare the vehicle for sale, complete the CVRT test, do the valet, advertise and more importantly help the new customer with any queries they may have at a later date as it is a lot of information to absorb on the day of collection, especially if it is their first one.

So I guess the moral of the story here is, when it comes to motorhomes there’s no need to stress! They are luxury items and they were made to be enjoyed. So enjoy them!!

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