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​Rapido's Available from Cara

Rapido V68

Rapido V68 2023 van is an elegant 2+1 berth van with comfortable twin lengthwise beds in the rear and a make-up bed in the dinette area. Finished beautifully with Milan fabric & Nacarat wood

Rapido C50

Rapido 696F 2024

An elegant 4 berth motorhome with rear island bed and down drop down bed over dinette area. Stunning low profile motorhome that can comfortably travel 4 people and can be driven on the B licence. Nacarat finish.

Rapido 896F

Beautiful 4 Berth A-class motorhome based on a 3.5T chassis. The 896F boasts a large spacious lounge aided by front swivel seats and Rapidos side facing lounge seats.

Rapido: The French Flair for Elegance and Design

Rapido motorhomes offer a blend of elegance and functionality, bringing the French flair for design into the world of motorhomes. Known for their sleek lines, intelligent layouts, and attention to detail, Rapido motorhomes are for those who appreciate beauty in every corner. With Cara Motorhomes, explore Ireland and beyond in a Rapido, and experience the art of travel with sophistication. In 2008, Cara Motorhomes embarked on a significant expansion of its range and services, stepping into a prestigious role as the main importers and distributors of Sunlight and Rapido Motorhomes in Ireland. This marked a pivotal moment in our history, bringing the elegance and versatility of French-manufactured Rapido motorhomes to Irish roads and beyond. Rapido, renowned for its wide array of motorhome designs, seamlessly blends functionality with luxury, offering a traveling experience that caters to a broad spectrum of adventurers’ needs and preferences.


Rapido distinguishes itself in the motorhome industry with its commitment to innovation, design excellence, and understanding the motorhome lifestyle, making it synonymous with quality and elegance. The brand's focus on creating luxurious and practical motorhomes is evident in the "wow factor" customers experience when comparing Rapido to other brands. This reaction highlights Rapido's success in blending aesthetic appeal with functionality, ensuring every model offers a superior travel experience.

Rapido's dedication to excellence resonates with motorhome enthusiasts, setting it apart as a preferred choice for those seeking quality and innovation in their travels.


Each Rapido motorhome is a testament to the French flair for sophistication, with sleek lines, intelligent layouts, and meticulous attention to detail. From compact models perfect for couples seeking a romantic getaway, to expansive family-sized vehicles designed for long-haul adventures, Rapido delivers a level of craftsmanship and efficiency that is unparalleled.


The decision to become the main importers and distributors of Rapido motorhomes was driven by Cara Motorhomes' commitment to offering our customers not just a vehicle, but a gateway to exploring the beauty of Ireland and beyond in unparalleled comfort and style.

Rapido’s innovative designs, combined with there reputation for reliability, made them an ideal addition to our curated selection of high-quality motorhomes.


As we continue to evolve and expand our offerings, the partnership with Rapido will remain the foundation to our commitment to bringing the best of the motorhome world to our customers.

Through this collaboration, Cara Motorhomes is proud to offer a slice of French elegance and innovation to Irish roads, making every journey an unforgettable adventure.



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