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Exciting News: Cara Transformation is Here, Again!

In the bustling world of Cara Motorhomes, where dreams of the open road become a tangible reality, we recently had the pleasure of welcoming Jack and Richard from Dometic into our fold.

Their visit to Cara was more than just a courtesy call; it was a collaborative dive into the innovative heart of motorhome living. Together, we explored the expansive range of Dometic products, from their pioneering air conditioning systems and solar power solutions to the everyday essentials that make motorhome life a breeze, such as vacuum cleaners and 12v coffee machines. It was a fantastic opportunity to put faces to names and we eagerly anticipate continuing our collaborative efforts.

Special thanks to Jack and Richard for their valuable insights and suggestions regarding the shop we're building at Cara.


Product of the week

The THULE LIFT V16 is a robust, height adjustable bike carrier designed for easy loading and secure transport of up to three bicycles on motorhomes and caravans.

The THULE LIFT V16 is a premium bike carrier designed specifically for motorhomes and caravans. It's engineered to accommodate up to three bikes, with a robust load capacity that ensures safe and secure transportation of your bicycles on the rear of your vehicle.

The THULE LIFT V16 features an adjustable platform that can be lowered and raised with ease, allowing for convenient loading and unloading of bikes, regardless of their size or weight.

This model stands out for its stability and durability, making it an excellent choice for cycling enthusiasts who travel frequently. With its sleek design and user-friendly functionality, the THULE LIFT V16 ensures that your biking adventures are always within easy reach.


Cara Store

At Cara Motorhomes, we're always looking for ways to enhance your shopping experience and bring you closer to the motorhome lifestyle you love. We're thrilled to announce there will be a grand opening of our newly transformed shop in time to come, its now within our showroom where we house and demonstrate our new Carthago, Dethleffs, Sunlight, and Rapido Motorhomes – a space set aside for all our extras and accessories.

For those who remember our previous shop, you'll notice it's currently bare—but not for long. We have exciting plans underway!

Our journey began in late 2023 when we set out to design and construct our new store. Guided by the expert hands of John and Larry, our project quickly took shape, evolving week by week. Once the structure was set—with wiring and walls in place—the real transformation began. We relocated our inventory from the old shop and meticulously organized each item.

Recognizing the vast array of parts and accessories the motorhome world has to offer, we decided to expand. Our new, larger store includes a dedicated display area featuring a wide range of outdoor accessories from top suppliers like Movera, Thetford, Fiamma, Brunner, and Dometic. From lounge chairs and tables to BBQ units and fridges, our selection covers all your needs. We've also adorned our display area with flags representing our key brands: Dethleffs, Sunlight, Rapido, and Carthago, proudly celebrating our partnerships.

Join us as we continue to innovate and expand, bringing you closer to the motorhome lifestyle you love.